A reason to hope

If watching the news or scrolling through Twitter has become an ordeal, to be done sparingly, and ideally with a soothing beverage, then you need to attend OWC's celebration on Tuesday.

Do yourself a favour and register here to be inspired at our 13th Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, May 29 from 1pm-4:30pm in Lethbridge. All are welcome so bring some friends who are in need of hope and rejuvenation!

In only 3.5 hours and for free, you will feel revitalized and inspired by all the people who are making a difference in Southwest Alberta. Together we are restoring streambanks, improving water quality, and most importantly, engaging people of all ages to take action at home, at work and on the farm.

Our theme this year is Mission: Possible because we know that together we are unstoppable and can acheive our vision of a healthy, resilient watershed where people, wildlife and habitat thrive. You make it possible - by donating, volunteering and making a change in your life.

After talking with other dedicated citizens, accomplishing your top secret mission (and winning prizes), and celebrating OWC's acheivements, you will go home feeling renewed and motivated to keep working towards a healthy watershed.

Scroll down to see why you don't want to miss this once-a-year event!


Headwaters + recreation

Confused about what's happening on public land? Want the latest info? We've got the low down.


Water quality revealed

How clean are our rivers anyway? Should we be worried? Hear the straight goods from Water Quality Specialist Natalie Kromrey, Alberta Environment and Parks.


Passing the torch

Hoping the next generation can save us? Find out how today's youth are stepping up - and how you can help. 


It's who you know

Network with the who's who of the watershed community. Make new friends. Spark lasting connections. 


Empower yourself

Find out how you can get more involved. Your unique skills are needed. With OWC, you can have fun and make a difference.  


Can't make it? 

Donate instead. We work hard to stretch every dollar so you can be sure your contribution is making a difference. http://oldmanwatershed.ca/donation-form