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Different videos will be appropriate at different times for different audiences. Here are the short descriptions and links to the videos that we have produced thus far, which are free for anyone to use and link to.

1: Pasque Creek Restoration

(5:01) We’ve packed our entire day at Pasque Creek, at the headwaters of the Oldman River, into four and a half minutes so you can discover what it’s like at one of our many boots-on-the-ground restoration projects. You may even catch a rare glimpse of some Westslope Cutthroat Trout!

2: Where Is Your Watershed?

(3:24) Produced in cooperation with Agrium, this video is for the youngest of our viewers. Its animation depicts the Oldman watershed on a map, describes the journey the water takes and includes many fun facts.

3. The Film Project Trailer

(6:44) The challenge of communicating science and why the OWC embarked on its Film Project; what we hope to achieve, what’s at stake (and why you should donate!).

Learn more about the Film Project -> 

4: The Oldman Watershed - An Overview

(24:13) This one is intended for science enthusiasts and high-school / undergrad classrooms. It depicts land use over time in the Oldman watershed using GIS heat maps, and has a built-in quiz. 

5: Introducing the OWC

(3:42) Depicting landuse over landscape, it conveys a real sense of urgency around basic ecological thresholds, how the environment provides the basis for our economy, and the OWC’s role in representing all stakeholders.

6: Minister Video – Dutch Creek

(3:12) The Minister of Environment & Parks, Shannon Phillips, expresses her support for WPACs and describes how they are a crucial part of the government’s Water 4 Life Strategy, emphasizing their role in providing advice to the Minister and education to the public.

7 - 9: Municipal Watershed Management and Health

This three-part series was produced in collaboration with the City of Lethbridge, which contributed $5000 toward our #oldmangoestohollywood Film Project. Created in collaboration with 

7. Municipal Wastewater Treatment - 1/3
(8:41) This video appeals to scientists and those interested in the science of watershed work. From an urban point of view, find out what life was like before the city began treating its water, and what is unique about the City’s approach.

8. Kids and Water Management – 2/3
(8:23) Tips and tricks for younger students - and the young at heart! Covering topics ranging from water in our bodies to bodies of water, the video empowers viewers to become active watershed stewards in their own urban neighbourhoods.

9. Teaching An Old Doug New Tricks – 3/3
(8:55) From the early morning shower to the products we buy, our lives depend on continuous access to water. Southern Alberta’s largest municipality is located in a semi-arid region. 


10 - 12: Potato Growers of Alberta

PGA teamed up with OWC to produce three films about rural watershed management and health. 

10: Kids Know Potatoes Come From Snow 1/3

(6:27) This animated video tells the fascinating story of how a tiny snowflake makes its long journey down from the mountains to eventually become a potato! The video aims to teach children where their water and food comes from and how important a healthy watershed and smart farmers are to our well-being. 

11: The Science of Spuds - 2/3

(9:03) This video delves into some of the history of Southern Alberta and how hard-working farmers turned the dry prairie into productive agricultural land.

12: Water You Eating? - 3/3

(8:12) This video looks at rural watershed management and health from the perspective of the consumer.

13: No GMO in Alberta Potatoes

(5:12) In our watershed, much of our water goes to agriculture as it is the heart of our economy. Is it going to grow GMO potatoes? Terence Hochstein, Executive Director of the Potato Growers of Alberta, explains that this is NOT the case.


Other Videos we like

Thanks to Rick Searle for this eye-opening documentary that examines the problems caused by wetland drainage on the Canadian prairies and possible solutions to the issue.

How does energy impact land use, and vice versa? Join Dr. Brad Stelfox on a journey of discovery about how energy has impacted the land use patterns of Alberta. 


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