OWC membership is free, and open to all organizations, municipalities, irrigation districts, and individuals that live, work, and play within the Oldman Watershed Basin. 


As a member of the Oldman Watershed Council, you will:

  • Demonstrate community support for OWC's work

  • Ensure that your voice is heard in matters concerning your watershed

  • Receive regular newsletters including events and updates

  • Be eligible to vote and run for the Council's Board of Directors

  • Receive "official" membership sticker for display in your window

  • Participate in projects, committees and working groups

By becoming a Member, you agree with the following principles of the Oldman Watershed Council:

  • We understand our watershed.

  • Residents are well informed and actively engaged.

  • Basin stakeholders have defined the desired outcomes for the Oldman Watershed that will form the basis for the Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP).

  • The Oldman Watershed Council and stakeholders put into action the capacity and commitment to achieve defined outcomes.

  • Practices are implemented that are beneficial to the health and function of the watershed.

Membership FAQs

"How long does a membership last for?"
A membership lasts for a full year, and must be renewed by April 30 of every year. 

"If I was a member last year, am I automatically a member this year?" 
No, in an effort to keep our membership current, we ask that you please renew your membership by April 30 of every year. To renew your membership, please see the membership information above to submit it online. Yearly membership renewal reminders go out electronically several months before the deadline date.

"I received my membership after the April 30 deadline.  Does this mean I cannot participate?" 
No, it just means that you cannot vote or run for the Board of Directors at our AGM for that year.  If you missed the membership deadline, you can still participate in Council projects and attend meetings, workshops and the AGM.

"Why aren't you charging a membership fee?" 
We want to ensure that membership to the Oldman Watershed Council is open and available to everyone.  We do, however, welcome any donations you may wish to make in support of the Council and can issue a tax-deductible, charitable receipt.  Please visit our donation page for more information.