Thank You to our 2017-18
Generous Financial "Contributaries" to the Watershed Fund and our Programs!

Tributaries are all the streams that join up to form a larger body of water.
"Contributaries" are what keep OWC and our work in the watershed afloat! 

$1 - $100 

TransCanada PipeLines Limited (Jessica Swanson)
Shane Dorchak
Sheri Monk
Curtis Matwychuk-Goodman
Global Citizenship for Oldman Watershed
Kristen Hironaka
Anita Dolman
Antoine Gendron
Cheryl Meheden
Douglas Mitchell
Graeme Greenlee
Surtees Trading
Wendy Ellen Inc.
Yvonne Barker
Robert Tarleck
Daniel Tefler
Glen and Kelly Hall
James Fujikawa
Janna Casson
Trout Unlimited Canada Oldman River Chapter
Wade Aebli

$101 - $250

Anna Garleff
Village Of Glenwood
Andrew Hurly
Carl Wirzba
Elspeth Nickle
Heather Sinton
Solar Optix Energy Services
Town of Vauxhall
Village of Cowley
Virginia Grinevitch
Town of Stavely
Rosemary Jones

$251 - $500  

Raymond Irrigation District
Annual General Meeting 2017 Participants
Village of Barnwell
Alberta Irrigation Projects Association
Flexahopper Plastics Ltd.
John Usher
Shannon Frank
Terry Kerkhoff
Municipal District of Ranchland No. 66


$501 - $1,000

Magrath Irrigation District
Douglas Kaupp
Town of Picture Butte
Bruce Falconer
Town of Nanton
Town of Magrath
Town of Coalhurst
Gord Laurie Foundation

$1,001 - $2,999

The Calgary Foundation (The Perlette Fund)
Town of Cardston
Town of Pincher Creek
Taber Irrigation District
Town of Coaldale
Municipal District of Taber

$3,000 - bronze

Alberta Sugar Beet Growers
Growers Supply Limited
Lethbridge County

$5,000 - silver

Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District
St. Mary River Irrigation District

$10,000 - pLATINUM

Edmonton Community Foundation

OVER $10,000

Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (Casino)

Project Specific Supporters


Fish Tails Fly Shop
Hays Stock Grazing Co-op Ltd.
TD Friends of the Environment
Alberta Beef Producers
Government of Canada (Canada Summer Jobs)
S.M. Blair Family Foundation
Southern Alberta Land Trust Society
Alberta Ecotrust Foundation
Alberta Conservation Association
Samuel Hanen Society For Resource Conservation
Alberta Real Estate Foundation
Government of Canada (Habitat Stewardship Program)

Our Generous In-kind Donations through Volunteer Hours:

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, $4,450
Agriculture and Foresty, $8,000
Alberta Environment and Parks, $5,000
Alberta Forest Products Association, Brock Mulligan, $100
Alberta Health Services, $3,500
Alberta Irrigation Projects Association, $2,000
Alberta Parks, $700
Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society (Cows & Fish), $8,700
Alberta Real Estate Foundation, $100
Back Country Restoration Event, $6,300
Backyard Wilderness, $100
Casino Fundraiser Event: $8,000
-Janna Casson, Claudia Sheedy, Knud Peterson, Dwayne Rogness, Chris Rowley, Linda Cerney, Barb Phillips, Douglas Kaupp, Brian Delinte, Mike McCague, Jennifer Takahashi, Alan Harrold, Jim Fujikawa, Anne Stevick
Cheryl and Jim Fujikawa, $3,000
Chinook Food Connect, $100
City of Lethbridge, $10,000
Coulee Clay Pottery, $40
Dr. Erasmus Okine, $200
Environment Lethbridge, $100
Fund Development Committee, $12,000
-Mike Wind, Darren Van Raay, Dwayne Rogness, Wade Abeli, Antoine Gendron,
John De Groot, Knud Petersen, Roy Pogorzelski
Fleetwood Bawden Grade 3/4 Montessori Class, $1,050
Friends of the Helen Schuler Nature Centre Society, $100
Glen and Kelly Hall, $100
Global Citizenship for the Oldman Watershed, $300
Gouw Quality Onions, $100
Headwaters Action Team (HAT), $6,000
Jordan Pinkster, $100
Jordan Row, $1,450
Kainai Nation, $1,600
Ken Orich, $1,000
Larkspur Development Corporation, $100
Lethbridge County, $1,600
Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District, $1,600
Mark Brave Rock, $50
Mayors and Reeves of Southwest Alberta, $1,700
Member at Large, $6,400
Mic Heggaton, Southland Trailer, $201
Municipal District of Taber, $100
Municipal District of Willow Creek No.26, $100
Nature Conservancy of Canada, $500
North Blood Drummers, $100
Owl Acoustic Lounge, $50
Oxbow Native Plants, $40
Piikani Nation, $1,600
Pogo Bros Inc, $250
Potato Growers of Alberta, $500
Recreation Advisory Committee (RAC), $650
Ryan Carriere, Parks Planning Manager, City of Lethbridge, $100
Serendipity Childcare Ltd., $200
Shane Dorchak, $6,976
Southern Alberta Group for the Environment (SAGE), $1,600
Southern Alberta Land Trusts Society, $100
SSRB Water Management Plan Review Committee, $15,000
Spray Lake Sawmills, $1,800
St. Mary River Irrigation District, $100
Stoketown Cafe + Cure, $50
Sweetgrass Bison, $100
Taber Irrigation District, $800
Theoretically Brewing Company, $40
Tony Machacek, $40
Trout Unlimited Oldman Chapter, $700
Trout Unlimited Canada, $100
University of Lethbridge, $700
Upãya Consulting, $1,800
Urban Grocer ,$50
Watershed Legacy Program Team, $10,000
William Singer III & Lori Brave Rock, $200
Wolfe and Associates, $1,000

Total $141,187

Annual supporters will be updated at the end of every fiscal year.