Well Water: Risky or Safe?

Did you know that over 400,000 Albertans rely on groundwater wells for their everyday water supply? And that they are responsible for their own testing, treatment and maintenance?

How well owners perceive the risks to their personal well, influences whether or not they adopt important well management practices, like regular testing and maintenance, that ensure safe water over the long term.

University of Calgary PhD student, Abraham Munene, was interested in finding out what makes people think their well water is safe or risky. In 2017 he set out to survey and interview well owners across Alberta to understand these perceptions, as part of his PhD research.

On Friday, April 13th from 11am-12pm, he will share the results of his study, at OWC’s office in downtown Lethbridge (319 - 6th Street South) and all are welcome to participate in this free event.

How owners manage their well directly impacts how safe the water is for those using it. 

How owners manage their well directly impacts how safe the water is for those using it. 

The results of the study will be especially valuable to groups who are encouraging well owners to adopt safe practices, like the Government of Alberta, municipalities and OWC. More effective communications strategies can be designed once current perceptions are understood.

One successful program, Working Well, is run by the Government of Alberta and its partners and provides resources directly to well owners through workshops. Working Well workshops provide information and tools about how to care for a well properly and was launched 10 years ago. So far the program has provided 254 workshops to more than 6,900 people in 172 different communities across Alberta, in partnership with local municipalities and others.

If you are a well owner, someone who works with well owners or have an interest in rural water management, you won’t want to miss this opportunity!

No registration is required for this free event.