In 2011 and 2012, The Oldman Watershed Council prepared Research and Monitoring Project Directories. In 2012, the focus included both surface and groundwater projects conducted in the Oldman Watershed.

From the Headwaters Region in the west to the Irrigation Districts in the east, researchers across the Oldman Watershed are working on exciting projects to better understand our watershed. A diverse number of sectors participated in the Directory including academics, provincial and federal government agencies, municipalities, non-government organizations, industry, consultants, First Nations, and recreational groups.

We would like to acknowledge the new and continued support of all of the project leads who volunteered their time and expertise for the Directory. Their dedication to this project is the key to its success. We are inspired about their commitment to educate others, learn more about and care for our Watershed!

How the projects are organized in the 2012 Directory: a Table of Contents on Page 4 organizes projects alphabetically by organization. Projects are also categorized according to Keywords on Page 73.

For current research initiatives in Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada, visit Parks Canada's list of Ecological Initiatives