Gifts and Goodies at the Oldman Watershed Council

by Kallie Desruisseaux

The season of gift giving is upon us and we have some of the best gifts around! At the Oldman Watershed Council, you have the chance to buy once and gift twice: one gift to give to a friend or loved one, and a second gift of support to the Oldman Watershed Council. The proceeds from every purchase directly supports our education and awareness programs, boots-on-the-ground restoration work, and the sustainable operation of the OWC.

White Spruce Trees ($20-$25)

There is nothing quite as cheerful and welcoming as our potted White Spruce Trees; they are lovely, compact, and perfect for decorating your home, beautifying the office, or giving as a gift. Best of all, they can be enjoyed all winter then planted in the spring! We have natural trees and decorated trees: the natural trees are perfect for decorating yourself, a fun activity for young and old alike, while the decorated trees are ready-to-gift.

OWC Merch - 1 (1).jpg

Safety Toques ($20)

Safety Toques are a brand-new addition to the OWC’s offerings. They are thick and soft, available in classic black and bright orange, and sized so that they can be pulled down low over your ears on cold days. We are particularly excited about the orange Safety Toques because, in addition to being warm and comfortable, the vibrant colour helps you stay safe, highly visible, and fashionable when enjoying backcountry activities. Show your love for the watershed with an Oldman Watershed Council Safety Toque!

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Vests and T-Shirts ($20-$75)

The Oldman Watershed Council vests and t-shirts are of the highest quality, and available in women’s and men’s sizes from small to 2XL. Our t-shirts are also available in youth sizes, perfect for the budding young person interested in the outdoors and environmental sciences. These make great, practical gifts that tell the world that you support the OWC and our mission.  

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Handcrafted OWC Clay Mugs ($45 single, $80 pair)

These beautiful mugs are handcrafted by Karen Armstrong of Coulee Clay Pottery. They are perfect for that cozy cup of hot cocoa, your morning cup of coffee, or extra-special holiday beverage. They can be purchased individually or as a pair at a discount. The colors used in the creation of the mug reflect the deep greens and enchanting blues of the Oldman Watershed logo and our landscape — a stunning and practical work of art!

OWC Merch - 2.jpg
OWC Merch - 1.jpg

Handcrafted Coasters, Ornaments, and Trivets ($10-$25)

In addition to our mugs, we have a several other great items from Coulee Clay Pottery including coasters, ornaments, and trivets. Each piece is hand crafted and stamped with the OWC logo. Perfect for gift giving, the coasters are available individually or in convenient sets of three. The ornaments are pre-strung so they can get to work beautifying your home and adding to your holiday decorations without fuss. The coasters, ornaments, and trivets match perfectly with the handcrafted clay mugs and are a great way to give a gift while supporting local artists.

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OWC Hats ($20)

The Oldman Watershed Council hats are a great way to show of your support of OWC while keeping the sun out of your eyes and your hair out of the wind. They are comfortable and adjustable, and come in black and tan. These one-size-fits-all hats have the beautiful OWC logo embroidered on the front and side of the hat. Who doesn’t love a great hat?

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OWC Merch - 13.jpg

“Drink Lethbridge Tap Water” Water Jugs ($20)

We are so lucky to have amazing tap water readily available and encourage everyone to drink it! Not only does drinking tap water prevent all of the waste of bottled water, it is also a great way to save money. Using these water jugs, emblazoned with the phrase “Drink Lethbridge Tap Water,” is a great way to show that your business is environmentally-aware, demonstrate to your friends and family that you love your community, or remind yourself of the importance of watershed stewardship.

OWC Merch - 10.jpg

Prairie Urban Garden Plants Booklets ($2)

A Prairie Urban Garden is attractive and has a low environmental impact. They are designed to be low maintenance, and work in harmony with our ecosystem and climate. The Prairie Urban Garden Plants Booklet details the best fifty plants for prairie urban gardening in Southern Alberta. If you are planning to create your own prairie urban garden or are just interested in what types of plants are native to the area, this booklet is an essential and informative local resource. It also makes a great gift for the gardener in your life! Whether they are already interested in xeriscaping, native plant species, or simply investing in a sustainable garden, the Prairie Urban Garden Plants Booklet is just the ticket.

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Stainless Steel Drinking Straws ($5)

These stainless-steel drinking straws are the perfect size and shape for almost any beverage – plus they make great stocking stuffers! Reduce your plastic use while supporting the Oldman Watershed Council. 

OWC Merch - 15.jpg

Reusable Tote Bags ($3)

No more plastic bags! These reusable tote bags are the perfect size for holiday shopping or a quick trip to the grocery store. They also make great beach and travel bags, especially if you are recreating in the Oldman Watershed area. Help raise awareness and show off the beautiful logo of the OWC.

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Visit us!

With so many great gifts and items for your home, we hope that you will swing by our office at 319 – 6 Ave South, in downtown Lethbridge and have a look for yourself. You can also give us a call at 403-330-1346 with any questions or to reserve item for pickup.

The Oldman watershed is a large, diverse land and water system, covering over 23,000km in southwestern Alberta and 2100 km in Montana; support for the Oldman Watershed Council is support for watershed education, action, and stewardship in your community.