Back to School 2017

Hey teachers and educators! Did you know the OWC has some fantastic resources available for teaching the young and young-at-heart all about our watershed? We hope you'll find them useful!

Many of our educational resources are available for free online - click on the "Discover and Learn" tab at the top of our webpage. P.S. We'd love to hear how you're using them! 

Classroom Contests & Projects

History & Social Studies

We've published a SNEAK PREVIEW of the Oldman Watershed Council's Historical Timeline, which is based on historical records and oral traditions, and spans pre-history through to the present day. You'll find entries to fit your Social Studies and FNMI curricula.

Check out our Shared History page for more great resources, including videos, articles, and comics!

Geography & Maps

Who doesn't love maps? We've compiled numerous maps of various scales - from maps custom-designed by OWC staff, to hydrological maps, Canada and world maps, and even some local historical maps. Great for teaching social studies and geography, they will all help students understand where they are and what's around them!

Videos & Multimedia

The OWC has produced a series of collaborative, educational videos aimed at everyone from young children to scientists. We also have audio and photos!

Science and More!

  • Learn what a watershed is, the importance of a healthy watershed, and what the watershed means to the people who live, work, and play here in our About the Watershed section.
  • You'll find school programs, organizations, initiatives, and publications on our Links and Resources page.
  • There is a list of interactive and fun sites on our Kids & Youth page.
  • Learn about the diverse populations that call the Oldman watershed home, on our Shared Future page.

In-Person Resources

We have a puzzle of our Oldman emblem, which tells the story of the watershed - let us know if you'd like to borrow it!


We also have a few books and hard-copies of publications;
contact our Education Program Manager for more information.

If you'd like to arrange for one of our staff to give a presentation for your class or event, please contact our office.

Have a great year!