Welcome Yvonne Barker to OWC staff!

We are so excited to announce the addition of Yvonne Barker to the OWC team! She's our new Fund Development Specialist!

Yvonne getting settled into her first week with the OWC - vest and all!

Yvonne getting settled into her first week with the OWC - vest and all!

Putting the social in science!

Yvonne comes to us with over ten years of experience working with nonprofit organizations and a successful record of accomplishments throughout Alberta in the fields of strategic leadership; brand awareness; donor and community development. Yvonne has an both an innate aptitude for bridging cultures and a diverse philanthropy background. She has worked in areas such as: humanitarian services, health, post-secondary and science education. Yvonne has a real passion for making a difference in the lives of others through connecting with people, and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement.

With the addition of Yvonne to our team, OWC is excited to launch a diversified fund development program that will allow us to achieve our mission. 


The Oldman Watershed Council (OWC) is a not-for-profit organization of southern Albertans that maintains and improves the Oldman watershed by:

  • improving and sharing knowledge
  • building and strengthening stakeholder partnerships
  • promoting and facilitating community and institutional action and stewardship
  • developing and implementing integrated land and water plans
A “community” approach is what will continue to connect us as we work toward this mission - by taking collective action, we can achieve so much more than doing it alone! Your continued, strong support is essential -  through volunteering, donating, collaborating and advocating to make a change. Individual and corporate giving, corporate sponsorship, grants and fee for service, are also ways you can have an immediate impact on the reach and effectiveness of OWC programs and service delivery. Your time, energy and enthusiasm as engaged citizens is making a difference in maintaining and improving the watershed for both current residents and future generations!

Yvonne’s role will focus on building the framework for a sustainable and diverse fund development program that aligns with OWC’S overall organizational values and goals, in collaboration with the staff and volunteers. While the OWC has received the majority of its funding through government sources for certain mandated projects, it has moved well beyond that role and has immersed itself as an essential part of the larger community. We have evolved to include relevant community programs that enhance the knowledge and understanding of residents in the Oldman watershed and beyond. Everyone - within its boundaries and downstream - has a stake in the success of OWC’s work as we move forward.

Yvonne will be connecting the social to science through building excellent relationships
with our stakeholders and being a sincere advocate for
OWC’s mission, goals, objectives and brand in Southern Alberta.

OWC’s success to date is a testament to its credibility, competence and knowledge. A healthy watershed means sustainable life through stewardship of the land and the wise use of water. Health, quality of life, the economy, leisure, and recreation are dependent on the environmental vibrancy of the watershed. OWC contributes to and influences the larger provincial, national and global dialogues on these issues. OWC’s mission is not only essential for our daily lives and the lives of those who come after.

Please join us in welcoming Yvonne to OWC team and to the city of Lethbridge! Call or stop by the office at 319 - 6th St S - we'd love to introduce you!

Yvonne with her two Golden Retriever pups!

Yvonne with her two Golden Retriever pups!

Yvonne Barker, Fund Development Specialist

Email: yvonne@oldmanwatershed.ca

Phone: 403-703-2351