Fix your Promotions tab and get OWC emails in your Inbox!

How do I get Gmail to move emails from
"Promotions" to "Primary" - so I can easily see them?

Are you sure emails from OWC aren't going in your Spam? A few folks have told us they aren't getting our emails, so here's a possible solution:

Google uses a tabbed system to sort your incoming email. When you log into your Gmail account, you will see at least three tabs along the top of your inbox:


As a result, emails from OWC may not be treated as spam (e.g. put in the spam or trash folder) ..... but might be placed under the "Promotions" tab along with other such designated emails.

This may cause you to miss OWC emails and lead you to believe you have not received them.

Be sure to check "Promotions" for emails from us. If you find one of our emails under your “Promotions” tab, drag it to the "Primary" tab. When you do this, the following message should appear at the top of the page:

The conversation has been moved to "Primary." Undo
Do this for future messages from ? Yes

would be the address on the email, e.g.

Clicking "Yes" will ensure that all future messages from our address are sorted to the "Primary" tab, where you'll be more likely to notice.

You can also turn off the auto-sorting feature:

Log into your Gmail account.
Click the "Settings" gear at the top right of the inbox.
Select "Settings" from the drop-down list.
Go to "Inbox" tab.
Uncheck all categories.
Scroll down and click "Save Changes."

This will make sure all incoming emails are located under just one tab.

Here's a little video (just over one minute) that shows you how: