Get out into the backcountry & help restore trails!

Volunteers Needed!

Two different guest blogs have been submitted -
one from Environment & Parks and another from the Quad Squad.
Both are inviting you to take part in restoration events in the backcountry! It's a great way to do something of real value for our wilderness.
We've posted them both here (scroll to end).

Please join us ... see below for locations and dates!


Photo courtesy Barry Harper

Photo courtesy Barry Harper

As most of you are probably aware, the Crowsnest Pass Quad Squad is very pro-active in attempting to keep people out of the water.  That includes all people, not just Off-Highway Vehicle Use.  That is why we build bridges over waters, especially if they contain fish habitat, in particular the Westslope Cutthroat Trout.                                                                                                                                                                                            We appreciate that we are not the only users of the back country and that it is extremely important to protect what we have, (meaning the back country).  We have placed a bridge over the Castle River just behind the Westcastle Ski Hill and will be decking the bridge this weekend. (April 10th, 2016).                                                                                                                                                                                                             We will also be placing bridges over the Gold and Morin Creek in the Lille Valley late May, and decking those bridges on Stewart ship Day which is June 4th, 2016.  We will also be assisting Environment and Parks in doing Riparian repair of the banks in the Castle area this year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               If anyone from your group is interested in seeing how it is done, or wish to lend a hand you are more than welcome.  We work very closely with the Oldman Watershed Council, and Cows & Fish.  It is by working together, not against, that we can really make a difference. That is why I welcome any feedback, so that we can understand the problems and work towards fixing them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  For more information please contact the Quad Squad at  
403-562-8686. Thanks again.  Gary Clark
...and more opportunities:

The BTFR (Backcountry Trails Flood Rehabilitation) Program with the Alberta Government has completed projects in the Castle area in 2015 that include the installation of bridges and the closing of open fords. This keeps the “wheels (and boots and hooves) out of the water” and benefits fish, water quality, and the environment as a whole. We are heading back to these sites this spring (2016) to do some bioengineering projects, the bulk of which will be willow staking. We are hoping to draw interested volunteers from a variety of backgrounds together to participate in this collaborative volunteer opportunity with us.

Here's an excerpt from the Backcountry Flood Rehabilitation Program of 2014:

Excerpt from   Backcountry Trail Flood Rehabilitation Program   © 2014 Government of Albert

Excerpt from Backcountry Trail Flood Rehabilitation Program © 2014 Government of Albert

Who? YOU!!

Anyone can come out to help as a lot of “elbow grease” is needed. Experience is an asset, but not a requirement… just come with a keen attitude to help restore the banks of streams and bring your energy and your smile!

All volunteers will be required to meet on site with our trail crew, and to bring their own gloves, boots, and (if they have any) tools that would pertain to the job at hand (ie. Small folding saws if we are collecting cuttings, or long pointed bars for planting willow stakes). Please come prepared to spend the day in the backcountry (rain coat, water, food, etc.). The sites are in the Castle area, mostly along the Carbondale and Lost Creek, which are both past the Lynx Creek PRA (campground). Some sites are also along Goat Creek.

Save the dates!

We are looking to be working out there Monday through Thursday starting on April 18th and going into May as long as it takes to get the job done. We are looking for people to commit to days whenever they can make it. Some of the sites are more remote than others, and therefore will require either ATV access or a little hiking into site. If I may suggest that volunteers can let me know what days they can make it and whether they have an ATV or don’t mind hiking into site, then I can start to assign people to certain sites and dates.

Maps to the areas and meet times will be forwarded to volunteers that are interested, and there will be a volunteer waiver to be signed before hand.

Please consider being a part of our project to work together to restore habitat in the beautiful Castle area.

If you want to volunteer with this collaborative effort, please email Heather Davis at 562 3128) and answer the following questions:

1) When are you available to volunteer? What specific day(s) do you want to volunteer?
We have projects starting now until the beginning of June, but only Monday through Thursday. On June 4th, we will be running a project for Ed Gregor Days.

2) Do you have access to an ATV to come out to site?

3) Are you able to meet us early in the morning at the Blairmore Ranger Station (11901 19th Ave, Blairmore)?