Are you ready to try something new and fancy on your computer?

OK something a little more technological for all you night people up late because it was too hot to do anything earlier.

I've simply given you a link here (see below in red). It will show a narrated PowerPoint (I hope it works on everyone's machine who has Power Point loaded).


Once you've downloaded it, just open the file and click on the tab "SlideShow" and "From Beginning".

There are 44 slides. The first one has a photo by Lorne Fitch and some music by Richard Burke. You need to click on the little megaphone to hear his soundtrack. (You can see the little megaphone I'm referring to in this screenshot below).

Once you've listened to "Lost Creek", just advance to the next the slide. Don't jump out of your skin once the narration starts! Check your speakers for volume before you start.

If you don't want to hear the narration, just click the box "Use Presenter's View" under that same "SlideShow" tab. Under each slide then, will appear some accompanying sentences that you can read along with.

This particular PowerPoint is the Communications and Outreach Update from the recent AGM which celebrated OWC's 10-year anniversary. It will tell you a little bit about the Communications Strategy in general (how it ties in to the Strategic Plan), the new emblem, why you should care about Social Media (and why Facebook 'Likes' don't mean anything) - and bring you up to date about the Film.

Don't forget that the trailer for the Film is coming out very soon. Anyone who was at the AGM will have had a little taster, since we showed a clip of some of the footage there. As soon as that's perfect, I will be releasing it to you.

The link is below. Click or just copy and paste it into your browser: 

Please let me know how this goes and if you enjoyed the presentation. There are a lot more we'd like to share with you, including some of the great presentations from this year's AGM. If there are technical glitches, well, please let me know about them too, so that I can make it easier for folks who want to tune in.