Please welcome Cody Spencer and ... the Watershed Legacy Program (WLP)

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Watershed Legacy Program
(WLP) Manager

Cell: 403 360 4572

Cody Spencer comes to the OWC’s Watershed Legacy Program with a connection to the land. A lifelong southern Albertan, he has a fascination with how this place came to be and what the future holds. He was drawn to bison ranching because of it’s potential for sustainability and grassland conservation, and bison's natural adaptations to the harsh climate of the northern plains. He launched his grass-fed bison meat venture Sweetgrass Bison in the spring of 2014.

Cody spends most of his time outdoors, on the grasslands of the Mackenzie ranch near Foremost and the Tacarsey ranch near Twin Butte. Always exploring the mountains, canyons and prairie, he advocates for the protection of the few wild places we have remaining.

Cody is thrilled with the opportunity to take the Watershed Legacy Program into the future, working with producers and specialists alike to bring tangible solutions to water and land issues. Always a student of the land and our human impacts, he will continue to explore the potential solutions to the ever growing list of issues we face. 

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