I double-dare ya - Test your knowledge

(Editor's Note: OK ...So You Think You Are A Watershed Warrior? Yesterday, many helping hands gathered at the Helen Schuler Nature Centre for the kick-off of the Battle of the Invasives (there will be more weed pulls throughout the summer). In the meantime, on this theme, Erin McIlwraith from the City sent in this blog. I was about to gather photos and then I thought: YOU could test your knowledge and see if YOU know what these species are! Let me know how it goes :-)

As we gear up to start the season of invasive plant control I find myself getting very excited about the chances to build positive community and at the same time have a long lasting impact in the Oldman Watershed.  I have been amazed at the overwhelming support from local groups and organizations who want to participate and encourage the once a month Knapweed pulls, so a HUGE thank you to all the supporters.

The integrated Pest management program has been growing and developing in new and exciting ways over the last few years with the focus on having a multifaceted approach that incorporates Bio control, cultural, physical, and mechanical aspects.

Invasive plants can have a devastating effect on the natural areas in the city, and we are working hard to keep the invasive plants that are present in the city to a minimum with the end goal of total eradication!

Spotted Knapweed. Photo from  abinvasives.ca

Spotted Knapweed. Photo from abinvasives.ca

Spotted Knapweed has been a persistent problem in Lethbridge, despite our best efforts to control this invasive plant species, they still have the potential to become an expensive devastating problem.  While prevention, bio-control agents, manual, and mechanical control measures are successful, there is still a long way to go to protect native plant species.  Through our weed pull efforts, we are able to remove the weed seeds from the soil as well as prevent allelopathic effects (Editor: what does this mean?) in the soil.

There is a list of INVASIVES here >>>    https://www.abinvasives.ca/fact-sheets

 Test your knowledge! Maybe your teen knows more than YOU?!

If you are an environmentally conscious citizen, or corporation, wanting to participate in some fun, outdoor, community building events ... we want YOU!   

We will be having a Knapweed pull on the THIRD THURSDAY of the summer months. We would love to have your participation. 

Each weed pull will start at 7:00pm with snacks, drinks, gloves, bags and tools provided to participants.  Prizes will be awarded to volunteers throughout the summer!  

Anyone wishing to participate can contact the Nature Centre for more details or to register – 403-320-3064 –  email erin.mcilwraith@lethbridge.ca or just show up!