Ever wondered about your water? TEST IT!

(Editor's Note: Thanks to Jacskon for blogging about how YOU can test your water. Kits are free!)

AWQA Day, June 5th, 2015
A hands-on approach to increasing water quality awareness in Alberta

Have you ever wondered about the quality of water in your local stream or wetland? 

You can have the opportunity to learn more about your local waterways by engaging in the Alberta Water Quality Awareness (AWQA) program in 2015. On June 5th we will kick-off our program for the 2015 year!

Alberta Water Quality Awareness (AWQA) aims to increase people's awareness about the health and value of water in Alberta, through hands-on water quality testing. Participants in the program are provided with a free water quality test kit. 

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This easy-to-use kit includes all of the materials needed to analyze four basic water quality parameters: temperature, pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen. These basic measures of water quality have important implications for fish and wildlife habitat, outdoor recreation, and human health.

Albertans were last able to get their 'feet wet' in 2012, during Alberta's fifth AWQA event. The program was a huge success, with nearly 2000 people, from across the province, actively testing water in their communities. Families, individuals, schools, watershed groups, rural landowners, and community and youth groups all participated in the program. 

Together these groups collected and tested water samples from over 200 different locations, covering all seven of the major watersheds in Alberta. These results were compiled to create a 'snapshot' of water quality in the province. 

Results from past years can be viewed at www.awqa.ca

Everyone is invited to participate in AWQA 2015. Interested parties can order their free water quality test kit online at www.awqa.ca. 

Kits can be ordered as a single, teacher kit package, as well as a special order for those with larger groups of students. AWQA kits will be shipped around mid-May and water quality testing can be done anytime between June 1st and August 31st. A single kit can be used ten times to test any stream, lake, river, wetland, dugout, community pond, reservoir, slough or other surface waterbody in Alberta. It is crucial to the success of this program for the data to be uploaded after collection, don't miss out on this great opportunity to get involved in the outdoors and water education.

Students, or other participants, can go online and add their water quality information to the database atwww.awqa.ca, and together create a picture of water quality in Alberta. Data will also be transferred to the Alberta Tomorrow program where students and citizens can further their engagement in the environment, and data, by working with the land-use simulator. Various teacher resources are on our website which includes lesson plans, worksheets, and more information on the parameters that are being tested.


Teacher Resources can be viewed here: http://alms.ca/teacher-resources/
If you want to order your kits today, follow this link: http://alms.ca/order-your-test-kit/

AWQA Day is a program of the Alberta Lake Management Society in partnership with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, and Alberta Tomorrow.AWQA Day is made possible through the generous support of our sponsor EPCOR.

For more information on Alberta Water Quality Awareness please visit www.awqa.ca.

Or contact:
(780) 415-9785


Jackson Woren, B.Sc, BIT
Lakewatch Technician