Please come this Wednesday to the SAAG - we're filming live!

Please join us for lunch on November 12

Maybe you've already heard about the Oldman Watershed Council's Film Project ... maybe not ... but I don't think there's anyone who doesn't want to drink,  shower and swim in clean, clear water.  And there's so much to love about the Oldman River!

Our watershed is truly the focal point of Southern Alberta.

We are seeing more and more people  becoming interested in how to take action, but not knowing how/where to start. Clearly, education is key.  How can the OWC go to every classroom, every community event, every Council, every Board? 

We make a film, and we do it together.

We'd like to invite you and a guest for a light lunch at the SAAG in Lethbridge at
11 am on November 12th for the official launch of: "The Oldman Goes To Hollywood".

It's the perfect place to meet the "Who's Who" of the OWC Family, hear first-hand from our Founding Partners, and meet our film crew. We are live on location with CKXU and very excited about welcoming you there!