Kelsey's Column - A Young Voice for the Oldman

Hi everyone it's Kelsey here!

Last weekend my dad and I participated in the annual Shoreline Cleanup. It was so much fun and I was able to handout tons of my Storm Drain Survival Kits (  The Shoreline Cleanup was held at the Helen Schuler Nature center and we cleaned the Oldman River shoreline from there. We found a fair amount of garbage including a bike, pillow case, and socks. For more information on the Shoreline Cleanup you can visit the website at:

Lethbridge's  annual Green Life Expo is coming up on Saturday, October 18th from 10:00 am-5:00 pm at Exhibition Park. Inside there will be a ceremony called The Green Seed and I will be there handing out my Storm Drain Survival Kit's.

The green seed is a ceremony where you can win prizes and receive awards for helping the environment. You can nominate your friends, family, or strangers to the Green Seed for helping our watershed or environment. There will also be food, information booths, and presentations.