Lessen your impact at play

Our leisure time is important to maintain a healthy mind and body. Some of our actions can be harmful to the natural environment and prevent others from enjoying these wild spaces. Help work towards improving and keeping clean the play spaces that we share with wildlife and other humans.

  • Remember to scoop when they poop! Rain tends to wash pet waste and associated bacteria into storm drains and waterways, resulting in polluted water.
  • When camping, wash your dishes, clothes and yourself using a dishpan, not in a lake, creek or river. When you have finished, dispose of the grey water in an approved facility away from water.
  • Wash your vehicle only when necessary. Go to a car wash that disposes of the dirty water properly.
  • Refuel with care; gas and oil spills seriously degrade water quality.
  • Reducing your ATV and boat speed prevents damage to sensitive riparian vegetation that acts as a natural filter of nutrients and contaminants. Slower speeds also protect against shoreline or stream-side erosion.