Our vision is a healthy, resilient watershed where people, wildlife and habitat thrive.


The Oldman Watershed Council (OWC) is a not-for-profit organization of southern Albertans that maintains and improves the Oldman watershed by

  • improving and sharing knowledge
  • building and strengthening stakeholder partnerships
  • promoting and facilitating community and institutional action and stewardship
  • developing and implementing integrated land and water plans


Long Term Overarching Goals

The Oldman Watershed Council has developed a set of goals outlining an iterative process to understand, inform and engage residents in the watershed while seeking out and achieving key environmental outcomes.

The goals outlined speak to what the organization wishes to achieve in the long term. They describe a preferred future and a desirable change to the existing situation. The council intends that there be no further net negative impact from development, and watershed quality and functionality are maintained for the future. A healthy watershed benefits all of us. It is the key to a vibrant economy, enables society to maintain a high standard of living, and ensures a healthy aquatic ecosystem with good water quality, healthy riparian vegetation and fish habitat, healthy river flows, and functional wetlands and aquifers.

All residents in the watershed that share their concern with the health of the Oldman watershed are encouraged to discuss issues and share their input on maintaining and improving it. This kind of participation allows residents to share, endorse and take pride and ownership in creating a healthy functioning watershed.

There are areas to improve upon and it is agreed by most that a balance between economic development and environmental preservation is priority in managing the watershed.

Our five long-term overarching goals are:

  1. We understand our watershed.
  2. Residents are well informed and actively engaged.
  3. Basin stakeholders have defined the desired outcomes for the Oldman Watershed that will form the basis for the Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP).
  4. The Oldman Watershed Council and stakeholders put into action the capacity and commitment to achieve defined outcomes.
  5. Practices that are beneficial to the health and function of the watershed are adopted.

Three Year Goals (2013-2016)

  1. The OWC earns recognition for its expertise and leadership in the Oldman watershed.
  2. The OWC is filling important knowledge gaps.
  3. The OWC optimizes resources to carry out its mission.
  4. Actions and activities of the board, staff and working teams are aligned in addressing the OWC’s priorities.
  5. The OWC is addressing the 8 priorities set for the Oldman watershed.

OWC Society Bylaws

Download the Society Bylaws for the Oldman Watershed Council, amended June 16, 2016.