Bev Bellamy

December Newsletter

December Newsletter

If you are curious about what our new staff members have been up to and want the latest details on what's happening around the watershed, check out our December newsletter....  What's NOT in there is that we will be finally moving our offices in the first week of January. Anyone with willing hands to help pack, unpack and set up our space - please get in touch <3 We are also looking for office furniture and equipment to help us get settled in - we'll be needing everything from desks to dishes. 

With all best wishes for a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Lunch & Learn

Lunch &amp; Learn

Something new for the OWC! Lunch & Learn on Wednesday, September 30th will give us a chance to network and hear the latest about our two main projects this summer: the Recreational Vehicle Users' Education and the Film Project. Bring a friend and we'll see you for lunch! Please register ...