How Does the WLP Work?


Looking to implement a project? The OWC can help with the identification and prioritization of areas and resources required to maintain a healthy, intact and local watershed. 

Technical Assistance

The Watershed Legacy Program Manager has the education and experience to provide assistance and advice when planning out your projects, all you need to do is ask.  We also have the Watershed Legacy Program Team that consists of agricultural specialists who are able to fill in any knowledge gaps when it comes to technical fine tuning of project details. 


The WLP aims at improving the way our landscape is managed within the Oldman Watershed to improve water quality. There are seven key categories under which landowners and watershed stewardship groups (WSGs) can apply for funding:

  1. Riparian and Creek Restoration Projects

  2. Invasive Species Management Programs

  3. Wetland Restoration and Development

  4. Nutrient Management Projects

  5. Land Management e.g. salinity, wildlife issues, recreational, etc.

  6. Water Quality e.g. home water testing, river/creek testing, etc.

  7. Outreach, Communication, or Education Programming

The WLP funds projects 50/50, meaning that OWC pays for half while the individual or group pays for the other half, either through time volunteered, funding provided by other organizations, or themselves. Members of the WLP Team also provide technical assistance for projects, when it is required. There is an application process: submitted applications are reviewed by WLP Team members, and projects are selected based on how they have been ranked.

An important part of WLP is communicating what has been learned, challenges, and project opportunities, so that future projects can succeed. Funding recipients submit a final report once their project is finished. Follow-up and monitoring are also an important part of the program, and are a requirement for funding.

Timber Ridge Conservation Site 2017

Timber Ridge Conservation Site 2017

How to Apply?

The WLP program accepts grant applications from individual producers, watershed groups and other groups for funding opportunities. OWC opens up the application process each year from December to February, and then our WLP team reviews each application very carefully for selection.  If you have an innovative watershed stewardship project idea, please submit an application (download at the link below):

Application Period - Annually from December to February

What has been the Impact?

WLP (NEW) Infographic 2018.png

Current and Past Projects (2009-2017)

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