Oldman Watershed Priority Mapping Report & Maps

The Oldman Watershed Priority Mapping Report & Maps project is courtesy of the Southern Alberta Land Trust Society (SALTS).

Project Overview

With our growing population, the quality and availability of water in southern Alberta has never been more important. Yet many of our activities have a negative impact on how water interacts with the landscape. This project identifies those areas that if kept intact should provide the greatest benefit as it relates to water quality, flood mitigation, and drought resiliency. The premise being that disturbing some areas will have a greater impact on water quality, storage, and runoff than other areas (based on factors such as slope, proximity to watercourses, vegetation, precipitation, soil). The purpose of the maps is to help organizations to focus their efforts on areas important for water. They can also be used by governments to assess the appropriateness of different land uses as they relate to water.

SALTS would like to thank the Alberta Government’s Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program (WRRP) for supporting this project financially. We believe that this project is an excellent example of filling a gap in the available applied science that will help to facilitate and focus concrete actions towards the better management of Alberta’s watersheds.