Native Plant Species in the Oldman Watershed Basin

A native plant is one that occurs naturally in a particular region. Most native plants have been in the same area for centuries or longer. In the Oldman River watershed, this means that the native plants are adapted to the environmental conditions including the dry weather that we normally observe. Because of this adaptation to the local environment, they require little to no watering and less chemical inputs like pesticides and fertilizers. This gives the native plants an edge to thrive when others might wilt, and allows us to have a beautiful yard while putting little effort and cost into maintaining it.

The Oldman Watershed Council hired a local plant expert to come up with the top 10 best plants for Southern Alberta in 5 categories (perennial flowers, trees, shrubs, grasses and groundcovers). The criteria used for plant selection was 1. High tolerance to drought, 2. Available to purchase at local shops, 3. Native to local area, 4. Low maintenance, 5. Visually appealing. Every plant may not meet this criteria perfectly but overall is a good choice for your yard. See the short booklet with photos or more detailed information (no photos) below.


More details about each plant in the above document:


Where to buy?

Download the companion guide to buying plants from the all of the above lists.

The Alberta Native Plant Council website also has a native plant source list and for other valuable resources.