Partners and Supporters

Many thanks to the individuals who generously donated to the Film Project.

Thank you to our 5 Founding Partners!

Thanks to these organizations who provided the seed money to begin the project!

Also thank you to these major sponsors:

The Chawkers Foundation

Canadian Constitution

Want to get involved?

Here's how:


The OWC is inviting sponsors to collaborate directly in an enduring relationship with the OWC. Let's face it - some of our most important work here in southern Alberta is reliant on water to thrive, survive and create the conditions for prosperity for the region. Highly complex, these organizations have a hard time communicating to the public what they do, how they use and care for water and why their work will become of increasing importance as time goes by.

Thank you to The City of Lethbridge and the Potato Growers of Alberta, who already have their finished video suites. 

Interested? Contact Anna Garleff:

Opportunities Include:

  • 3 videos (aprox. 3-5 min. in length) about you, your business or organization and why watershed health is essential to it. These will be scripted, filmed and edited professionally and will populate our You Tube Channel, be featured on our website and form an essential part of watershed education for the OWC. (As applicable, one video will be geared for schools, the second for the general public, and the third for other professionals and scientists in the field.)
  • an invitation to speak and be filmed at our upcoming OWC Watershed Summit 
  • a name and logo mention on the credits of the film
  • mentions throughout the film release on our social media channels (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Blog, OWC website)
  • a cheque-signing ceremony as part of a media/fundraising campaign
  • free access to the film and video to show to your stakeholders / audiences

Become a friend through a Donation

The OWC welcomes all gifts of any amount, or community sourced fundraising, to help make this film the best that it can be. We are all part of the watershed; we use water to bathe, recreate, prepare our food, keep our lawns green and for our kids to run through when the summer days are hot. “We are ALL downstream”

What you get when you donate:

  • an invitation to a "How to Film the Watershed" seminar (to be offered in Taber, Lethbridge, Pincher Creek) after the film release

  • an invitation to participate in the OWC Watershed Summit 

  • mentions throughout the film release on our social media channels (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Blog, OWC website)

  • free access to the film to show to your stakeholders / audiences

  • a charitable receipt tax donations from anyone under 18 will be honoured with a photo opportunity with the OWC and a special blog write-up

Thank you for considering to become a donor!