The OWC is pleased to support the Alberta Prairie Conservation Forum. Sometimes we forget that the land in our watershed has a direct impact on the rivers, lakes and even groundwater. The Prairie Conservation Forum is a coalition of stakeholders and individuals who are active in conserving grassland and parkland ecosystems in Alberta. This group is currently involved in the implementation of the Prairie Conservation Action Plan.

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The OWC is a proud member of the PCF Education Team that engages residents to raise awareness of grasslands issues. This team has assisted with organizing a Teacher’s Institute with Inside Education, held a Grassland Education Field Trip with youth in collaboration with the Helen Schuler Nature Centre and is working on developing an educational video conference session for schools. 

The PCF partnered with Helen Schuler Nature Centre to offer a 2-day grasslands appreciation field trip to a group of junior forest rangers from the Blood Indian Reserve in Alberta. The photos, quotes, drawings, etc. are a compilation of their work during the 2-day field trip.

Drawn into Action

The Drawn into Action Project is an innovative spin-off of community mapping, which enables citizens to compile stories of their home. Community maps are useful tools to display and share community-based knowledge, values and relationships. Field trips were also held to connect learners to the local ecosystems and to community.  Pre- and post-mapping workshops incorporated techniques that would challenge and engage people’s artistic side to assist them in giving a voice to our watershed, the grasslands, local history and culture, wildlife species, and land-use perspectives. Art pieces developed during this mapping project were displayed in community- wide exhibits. The OWC sponsored the Helen Schuler Nature Centre who oversaw this project.