More Community Partnerships

The OWC is a proud partner in many projects and organizations. As a community based non-profit, it is important that we are involved in collaborative efforts and are a voice for the watershed and the people who live here.

Stewards in Motion

OWC provided funding and assistance with organizing a Stewards in Motion workshop in Claresholm in partnership with the Land Stewardship Centre, Environmental Law Centre and Miistakis Institute. The workshop provided practical information and resources to 30 stewards who are tackling watershed issues so that they have the support they need to succeed. By understanding the context of the issue and who the players are and collaborating with them, these stewards are now better equipped to achieve their goal.


The AWC is a provincial non-profit that provides policy recommendations to the Government of Alberta and tracks progress on the Water for Life Strategy. The Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils of Alberta have a seat on the AWC’s Board of Directors and the OWC is now serving as alternate on this Board. OWC is also involved in AWC’s Source Water Protection Team who are developing recommendations to better integrate water and land management processes related to source water protection.

Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent 

OWC participates on the Roundtable’s Leadership Team to provide strategic direction and oversight for this collaborative network that involves groups in Montana, British Columbia and Alberta. The Roundtable is a network to facilitate collective learning and collaboration across borders and holds an annual conference and provides funding for projects that enhance culture, community and conservation in the Crown. OWC has been fortunate to receive Adaptive Management Initiative Grants from the Roundtable to support the implementation of our Headwaters Action Plan.

Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Extremes in the Americas

The Oldman watershed is one of the study areas and OWC is a partner organization providing advice and a link to the community so that researchers could interview local people and share the results with those who need it. So far 3 workshops and 1 webinar have been held and factsheets are underway.


The OWC participates on the WRRP Advisory Team to provide advice and recommendations to the Government of Alberta to guide the development and refinement of WRRP and its alignment with the Agriculture Watershed Enhancement program under Growing Forward 2. By participating we can help ensure that the outcomes of these two programs are aligned and best serve the needs of those actively involved in watershed restoration and management.

Environment Lethbridge 

OWC participates on EL’s Executive Team to guide this new organization as it gets established. As a very similar organization to OWC, we are in a good position to provide advice and have been spearheading the development of EL’s 3 year strategic plan and corresponding budget. As EL gets established we expect to have a close working relationship to achieve similar goals.

Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Natural Resources and Environment Committee

OWC participates on this committee to network with local businesses and assist with raising awareness amongst businesses of steps they can take to lower their environmental impact, all while benefiting their business. The Committee will be showcasing local success stories and also provides information and advice to guide Chamber policies.

South Saskatchewan River Basin Intra-basin Water Coordination Committee

The OWC participates on this committee to provide advice to the Government of Alberta on managing water during periods of water shortage and how to best meet the Master Agreement on Apportionment, which shares water between the Prairie Provinces.

Crown Managers Partnership (CMP) and Crown of the Continent Conservation Initiative

CMP Landscape Patterns Workshop II - April 29-30, 2014.

The OWC participated in workshops 1 & 2 to determining priority areas for further collaborative work within the Crown of the Continent. Within Alberta, the Oldman headwaters region and Highway 3 were two of the 4 priority areas selected for collaborative work with focused working groups. 

Crown Managers Partnership, Crown of the Continent Conservation Initiative and The Wilderness Society - November 18-20, 2014. 

Through collaborative efforts with the Headwaters Action Team, the OWC is participating within a Crown-wide climate adaptation focus on ‘Piloting Adaptation Strategies to Reduce Vulnerability and Increase Resilience for Native Salmonids in the Crown of the Continent Ecosystem’.