Participating in the Charter

Becoming a participant

To become one of the participating organizations (municipalities, counties, businesses and community groups were all welcome), the first step was to download and sign the document below. This document is formatted as a fillable PDF, so it could be completed digitally.

Once the form was completed, a copy was returned to the OWC through email or standard mail. 

Charter timeline

The following timeline details milestones and actions that the Water Charter Participants and OWC were working towards from May long weekend to September long weekend 2017.

Sign the Charter

Anyone interested could sign onto the Charter at anytime before the Sept  long weekend. 

Choose Your Action

We gave people a few ideas on what they and their team could do!

Download a Badge

All participating organizations chose and downloaded a badge which best represents their focus on watershed management and health.

Organizations also decided what their specific action or actions were to support the Charter. These were new, community Water Charter actions, not, for example: "We will continue to monitor water quality".

Media Event

On May 15, 2017 the Water Charter Actions began. We finally set things in motion with a major media event and first signatories April 7, 2017 in Lethbridge City Hall.  A second group of signatories joined us at the AGM on June 15th.  This brought the total to 42 signatories!

Events and actions continued from May long weekend through to September long weekend in all areas of the watershed and were community-driven. OWC helped promote and encourage local volunteers and media and registered all actions prior to them taking place.

Participants 'Go Live'

Charter Partners were responsible for making known and sharing their Water Charter Acts with the community and encouraging the community to help make them a success.

Sharing Progress

Throughout the summer, Charter Partners documented their Water Charter Acts in blog postings and photos and submitted them to OWC.

As OWC continues to publish its video series, Charter Partners can always add or switch out the badges on their websites, and they can add the blogs and photos about their Water Charter Acts to their own website pages.

Campaign Ends

The campaign closed at the end of September long weekend 2017.

Final Reporting

By October 15, 2017, the OWC compiled all Charter Partners' final blogs and action reports and published them on our website and social media channels. We provided an overview of the Water Charter Acts and their distribution and impact throughout the watershed.

Water Charter Celebration

On November 17, 2017 the OWC hosted the Closing Ceremony at the Southern Alberta Ethnic Association that included extensive media participation, extra charm from the students of Fleetwood-Bawden School's Grade 3/4 class, a masterful poem by Grade 11 student Irwin from Matthew Halton School - and special awards were presented by the Honourable Minister of Environment and Parks, Shannon Phillips.