Supporting rural land stewardship

The Oldman watershed includes some of the most productive farm and ranchland in the world. The OWC is proud of its reputation as being a "hands-on" organization and we work on the land, directly with our rural stakeholders.  

Our Watershed Legacy Program (WLP) provides the tools necessary for watershed stewardship groups (WSGs) and landowner cooperatives to take the next steps towards sustainable management of their land and operation. By coordinating efforts throughout the basin, the WLP aims to conserve and enhance our natural resources and the rural way of life.

What has been the impact?

  • 55 cooperative projects funded!
  • Over 1900 cows removed from streams, creeks and rivers!
  • Over 2000 bags of weeds removed!
  • Over 2000 people engaged in educational events!
  • Over 900 people engaged in doing projects, learning, and sharing!

Why should YOU care?

Water is life. In the Oldman watershed, we all rely on the same waters that watershed stewards are protecting through funds and technical assistance provided by the OWC's Watershed Legacy Program.

For more information on the WLP Program contact:

Taren Hager, Watershed Legacy Program Manager

Email: taren@oldmanwatershed.ca

Phone: (403) 849-1346